Freedive Jersey was established by Matt Le Clercq in 2015 and has remained the only place to learn to freedive in the Channel Islands. 

Born and bred in Jersey, Matt started spearfishing at a young age and went on to complete his freedive qualifications in Egypt. He has over 10 years experience teaching people how to scuba dive and freedive. 

He has been a Pure Apnea instructor since 2018


"I had a fantastic weekend with Matt at Freedive Jersey learning theory and then practising freediving at sea. Fantastic weather and water conditions - most importantly paired with excellent, accessible, extremely professional yet fun and light teaching and coaching. It really made for a fantastic weekend and can't wait to be back for the spearfishing coaching session !
No hesitation in recommending Matt at Freedive and in fact this was already my second course in 8 months."

Alessio, April 2021

"Matt delivers an excellent, insightful and educational course in a relaxed atmosphere. I felt fully prepared before getting into the water and learnt a lot when in it. I'd highly recommend this course to everyone."

Dan, July 2020

Fantastic course. Matt was very knowledgable and insightful. Really enjoyed putting the theory into practice. Matt created a calm and fun environment. I highly recommend this course. Looking forward to completing the next level.

Scott, 2020

"Can’t recommend the course  enough. If you’re thinking about doing it, don’t think anymore - just do it. You’ll amaze yourself at  what you can achieve. Matt’s relaxed and low-pressure approach takes all the stress out of it and your confidence in water will increase ten-fold."

Russell, June 2019

"Amazing and challenging course! Great fun and definitely worth a try if you love the sea  Managed to get myself from only holding my breath for 30seconds up to 2minutes 25 seconds in just a few sessions!!!"

Nina, September 2018