Pure Apnea Adventure Freediver I 

This is an entry level freediving course which covers the basics of recreational freediving. We split the course over two separate weekends and usually we run around one a month during the summer depending on availability. 

The first part of the course is the pool session. This includes two theory sessions, where you will learn about breathing and relaxation techniques, equipment, equalisation, and safety and rescue techniques. The classroom session is followed by a static session in our pool where you will practice holding your breath.

Following the theory and static there will be two sessions in the sea where we will dive up to 10 metres exploring local reefs. On completion you will receive a Pure Apnea Level One Adventure Freediver qualification. 

This course is ideal for people looking to learn more about freediving as a sport, people who want to develop their skills in order to practice underwater photography or spearfishing as well as people who would like to learn more about Jersey’s reefs and sea life. 

The total cost of the course is £350. We run around 1 course a month during the summer months. 

Pure Apnea Adventure Freedive II

This advanced freediving course focuses on the skills and techniques that will allow you to safely reach the same depths as scuba divers. You will learn to become efficient with each movement of a freedive and learn to extend your bottom times at depths between 15-20m. Emphasis is placed on equalisation techniques and minimising the risk of hypoxic blackouts.

This course is for people who have already completed the Level 1 course or have previously completed freediving training with another provider. 

The total cost of the course is currently £375

Learn to Spearfish 

This course is beginner level, aimed at people with no previous spearfishing experience who would like to learn about how to spearfish in Jersey waters. To do this course you must have already completed the Level One Pure Apnea course or have an alternative freediving qualification.  

There will be a classroom session which will cover the following topics

  • Safety and rescue basics
  • How to plan your dives - ideal tides, where to fish 
  • Local species and where to find them
  • Legal requirements - minimum sizes and limits
  • Spearfishing equipment
  • Approaches to hunting 

The second part of the course will be a sea session where we will practice some spearfishing techniques. 

The current cost of this course is £150

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about any of our courses.